The Deyu Com Ltd. Industry and Fishing Gear. In business since 1998 in the field of fisheries and fishing gear (monofilament nets and buoys, etc ...). Implemented in 2001 in its headquarters city of Itajaí - SC, where it has a differentiated service to meet with wholesalers and traders coming from all over the South and other parts of the country, seeking an affordable and quality imported materials. We also serve, through representatives in other regions of Brazil.

To deal with the owners of fishing and / or vessels that come to us, we have a range of products, including materials of Long-Line, one of the few that offer this kind of material quality and competitive price.

All this to achieve our goal of increasing the fishing industry in Brazil and in our region and give the brand credibility Deyu with good price and quality!

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Rua Exp. Aleixo Maba, 129 - Barra do Rio - Itajaí - SC - CEP 88305-360
Fones: + 55 (47) 3348-4788 - (47)3349-4970 / (47) 98856-3469

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